Hair Extensions

Discover the most advanced hair extension system on earth

We know that many women dream of having longer, thicker, healthier and bouncier hair any time of the day, whatever the occasion may be. The hair that you dream about can be yours in an instant through hair extensions! The Hair Avenue is a reputable and leading hair salon in Sydney that offers hair extensions services.

The Hair Avenue Salon Uses 100% RUSSIAN Hair Extensions.

The Process

Whether you want length or fullness our hair extensions are applied in the same way. We take supper fine sections but enough hair that will support the weight of the hair extension that will not cause any damage. The hair extension strands are small and are applied underneath the client’s own hair. These hair extensions are extremely comfortable to wear and, most importantly, completely invisible to detect. Copper Bells hair extensions are so invisible that they make this method the most advanced on the hair extension Sydney market. The best thing about choosing hair extensions is that it will not cause any damage to your own hair.

Tape and Copper Bells Hair Extensions

  • They are essentially weightless and transparent hair extensions. Camouflage is assured and you will experience complete comfort and confidence
  • There is no excessive heat or stress on the hair extensions’ attachment area and no damage to your own hair
  • The removal process is easy and fast.

Colour Matching and Blending

We have all the hair extension grades of Indian and European 100% human hair in every shade which our hairdressers can match to your natural hair. Straight or curly.

It is so simple- no glue, no bonding, no weaving, no sewing, no chemicals and most important of all, our hair salon uses high-quality hair extensions to leave no mess.

Virgin Russian hair extensions available in every colour and length

Russian And European Hair Extensions

Our Extension Technicians have over 14 years of experience in the hair extensions trade, we can assure you that we know our product and pride ourselves on the most purest quality hair extensions available on the market.

We source only the best quality authentic premium Virgin Russian Hair Extensions. Having traveled to Russia and Ukraine visiting many hair extension manufactures we can safely say we have the best of the best of Russian Hair. Our hair is imported directly from Russia and Ukraine cutting out the middle man so our prices are the lowest with such excellent quality of hair. Our hair extensions are in its purest state, never been chemically treated in any form.

The Hair Avenue we carry an extensive range of virgin hair colours, tones and textures to achieve the look you desire; from luxurious length, body and volume, to coloured, highlighted and even ombre effect.

Russian hair extensions can be expensive, but remember you get what you pay for!

Receive a FREE Shampoo & Conditioner with every full head of Hair Extensions

Indian Hair Extensions

Our Indian hair extensions are second to Russian hair extensions. We use premium Indian virgin hair and like the Russian hair extensions, this hair extension is unprocessed meaning you get a longer lasting, shinier result with no silicone layer. Indian hair is very strong so you can style your hair extensions the same way you would style your own hair. Our hair salon offers a wide range of colours to best match your hair.

Receive a FREE Shampoo & Conditioner with every full head of Hair Extensions

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